How to Borrow Load in Smart – Utang Load Smart Easy Guide 2022

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Want to learn how to borrow load in Smart? In other words how to utang load in Smart? Read our guide for quick and easy to follow answer.

Running out of load is a familiar scenario for Smart Prepaid users; that is why Smart Communications set up a registration option that anyone can easily use.

About Smart SOS Load – Borrow Load Smart

The Smart SOS Load is an emergency load that Smart Subscribers can borrow. You can borrow load from Smart regardless if you have zero or minimum balance. The borrowed load can be used for texts, calls as well as internet mobile data.

Just simply text in the key phrase to Smart. Upon approval, you can now use your borrowed load. You will then be deducted with the same amount plus a small fee for the borrowed load on your next load.

The Smart SOS Load can only be done once, so make sure you enter enough amount upon your registration. Both Prepaid Subscribers and Smart Bro Users can avail of the emergency load from Smart although the Smart SOS load is not available to roaming and international subscribers.

Remember that your SMART SIM must be active for at least 30 days before you can avail the Smart SOS Load. The reason is that Smart Communication wants to ensure that the SOS Load Service is available to as many Smart Prepaid subscribers, an eligibility rule that prioritizes loyal Smart users.

How to Borrow Load in Smart

To borrow Smart Prepaid Load, simply *5623# and options shall be displayed. Another way is to text SOSKEYWORD and send to 7676.

To borrow Smart Bro Prepaid Load, just text BROKEYWORD and send to 7676.

The table below contains the SOS Load list available. It displays the keywords, descriptions, how to register, validity and cost.

List of Smart Borrow Load Options (Smart SOS Load)

Promo CodePromo DetailsHow to RegisterValid ForPrice
FB58MB Facebook accessJust Dial *5623#, select Data then select FB56 hours5
COC58MB COC accessJust Dial *5623#, select Data then select COC56 hours5
UBER58MB Uber accessJust Dial *5623#, select Data then select UBER56 hours5
WAZE58MB Waze accessJust Dial *5623#, select Data then select WAZE56 hours5
BIG79 texts to Smart/TNTSend SOS BIG7 to 76761 day7
BIG1010 texts to all networks
3 texts to Smart/TNT
Send SOS BIG10 to 76761 day10
SURF1020 minutes internet surfing
₱1 airtime
*available also for Smart Broadband Subscribers
Send OS SURF10 to 76761 hour10
All Out Surf 20150MB mobile internet data
20 minutes calls to Smart/TNT/Sun
Unlimited texts to all networks
Facebook access
Send SOS ALLOUT20 to 76761 day24
All Out Surf 30300MB mobile internet data
30 minutes calls to Smart/TNT/Sun
Unlimited texts to all networks
Facebook access
Send SOS ALLOUT30 to 76762 days36
UCT 30100MB mobile internet data
Unlimited calls to Smart/TNT/Sun/PLDT
Unlimited texts to all networks
Send SOS UCT30 to 76761 day36

For Broadband Users you can borrow load in Smart with 20 minutes extra internet surfing by simply texting BROSURF10 to 7676.

To monitor your usage and to know which form your existing balance was loaned by your SOS load just key in SOSBAL and send to 7676 and know your outstanding loan for free.

How to Pay Off Your Smart SOS load?

The loaned amount of load plus a small fee will be automatically deducted from your next load. You can also voluntarily pay your loan off by simply texting PAY to 7676.

For Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular Subscribers Check below:

Emergency PasaLoad. You can ask for emergency load by dialling *808 + number of family or friend. Example: *80809134568896

PAGASA SMS Updates. You can register for free, text ULAN REG NAME/ADDRESS/AGE to 717-ULAN (7178256).

Sakloload All-Net. Just key in *7572 and get four texts to all networks and P1 airtime even when you have zero balance.

Sakloload On-Net. Just dial *SOS or *767 and get free three texts to Smart/Talk ‘N Text and P1 airtime even when you no longer have credits.
For Sun Cellular subscribers, get emergency services hotline directory for free. Just dial *922#.

And that is how to borrow load in Smart.

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