A Step-by-Step Guide for Changing SSS Contribution Amount Online

Would you like to increase or decrease your monthly SSS contribution?

If you are a self-employed, OFW, or non-working spouse, you can easily update your SSS contribution on your own. It even actually only takes a few clicks to change your SSS contribution in My.SSS or the SSS mobile app. Neither a SSS branch visit nor proof of income is required.

Employees, however, do not have the same freedom since their SSS contributions are determined by their fixed monthly salary. The employees’ contributions can only be updated inside the My.SSS account by their employers.


Non-formally employed SSS members and the employers who want to know how to change the amount of SSS contributions online at any time and from any device will find this article helpful.


Is it actually possible to change the amount of your SSS contribution? Quick Answer: (answer)

Sure. As a voluntary, self-employed, or OFW member, you can adjust your contribution amount or MSC (Monthly Salary Credit) when your monthly income changes. The same is definitely true for non-working spouse members, though their contribution is based on their spouse’s declared monthly income.


If you do not go below the minimum MSC, you can do this an unlimited number of times and in any number of salary brackets within a year. SSS does not require proof of actual income. Only members under 55 years of age are subject to this rule.


For retirement members 55 and older, the contribution can only be increased once per year, based on one salary bracket over the past year.


The MSC can be changed by spouses who do not work based on 50% of their spouse’s current MSC. Proof of your spouse’s monthly income is not required.


When creating a PRN via your My.SSS account, you can choose a different contribution amount. When you have finished clicking on Submit Request and OK tabs, you’ll have received a new PRN.


Employees, on the other hand, cannot alter their SSS contributions directly. Employers have access to the My.SSS facility and are the ones who can modify or update each employee’s contributions and employment status.



Can anyone change their monthly SSS contribution?

  1. OFW Under 55 years of age, self-employed/volunteer members.

A member belonging to this category can change the amount of their monthly contributions as many times as they want within a year. Most of these members benefit from this, as their monthly income comes from diverse sources and is never fixed.

Since these members’ incomes are not fixed, they can jump from one salary bracket to another and pay whatever they can afford. Therefore, they can choose their Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) and amount of contribution based on how much they earn in any given month. Let’s say you own a business that earned Php 100,000 this month. According to this table, your income falls in the highest salary bracket, which means you’ll pay the maximum contribution in peso is Php 3,250. The following month, if your business slows down, you can simply reduce your contribution amount to match your income.

The amount of the contribution can be decreased at any time, but it should never be less than the current minimum Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) for self-employed, voluntary, or OFW members. As a voluntary member, for example, the prevailing minimum MSC for your membership category is 3,000, which translates into Php 390 per month. If your monthly contribution is lower than Php 390, you can decrease it at any time.

SSS members can change their monthly contributions online. Submission of proof of income or even a written request of declaration of earnings is no longer required.


  1. Over 55s who are self-employed/volunteer/OFW.


Under this category, members may only INCREASE their Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) once a year and only by one salary bracket from their last posted payment. Let’s say you’re a 58-year-old voluntary member who consistently pays Php 1,430 a month. According to this table for voluntary members, the contribution amount is assigned to members with a MSC of 11,000 and a monthly income in the range of 10,750 – 11,249.99. According to the SSS Circular, you can only increase your contribution amount by one salary bracket. If you stay in your current bracket, you can only jump to the next higher salary bracket (i.e., 11,250 – 11,749.99) in which is equal to a monthly contribution of Php 1,495. Since then you can only increase your monthly contribution once a year, basically you are stuck with the same contribution amount until the next year, when you can decide whether to keep paying the same amount or increase it by one salary bracket.

The preceding rule does not apply to all members. Members who have actually changed their membership type for the very first time from Employed/Self-employed to then Voluntary or Employed/Self-employed/Voluntary/Non-working Spouse to OFW. There is actually no limit to amount of MSC these members can increase. In the meantime, members who have been paying the maximum MSC every month or who paid the actual maximum MSC in their last posted payment are allowed to even increase their actual MSC to the new maximum limit assigned to the new calendar year. The maximum MSC for 2020 is 20,000. Eventually, this number reached 25,000 by 2021. If your last posted payment corresponded to the maximum MSC of 20,000, you are free to adjust your contribution amount at any moment to pay towards the new maximum MSC.

Members can decrease their contribution at any time as long as their payment does not fall below the current minimum MSC for self-employed, voluntary, and OFW members. You are a voluntary member who pays Php 585 per month, which corresponds to a MSC of 4,500. You Your MSC amount can be changed to a lower amount, but you shouldn’t pay anything less that 390, which is the equivalent of the prevailing minimum MSC of 3,000.

  1. Spouses who do not work.

The spouses of nonworking individuals contribute according to their spouses’ salaries. They can adjust their contributions accordingly if their spouses’ monthly wages increase or decrease. The contribution of non-working spouses is equal to 50% of the income of working spouses as of this writing.



Your My.SSS Account can be used to change your contribution amount online.


Before you make your next SSS payment, you can adjust your contribution amount. You can then set the new amount you prefer to pay after you generate the PRN (Payment Reference Number) in which is required whether you’re paying for a salary loan or a regular contribution. Please then follow the steps below for more information.


  1. Go to My.SSS and log in.

Changing the amount of your SSI contribution online 1

If you’ve forgotten your SSS username, password, or both, follow this guide to recover them.


  1. From the main menu, select Payment Reference Number (PRN) – Contribution.


  1. The PRN will be generated once you click Generate PRN.


  1. Choose your membership type, your new SSS contribution amount, and the payment period you want.


Voluntary members and overseas Filipino workers can both be members. The membership type you choose will automatically update once you pay the contribution amount, if you choose to change it.


Depending on the applicable period, you can choose to pay for one specific month or for multiple months if you wish to pay in advance.


You can then select a new contribution amount. If your income actually has increased or decreased since the last time you paid, the new amount may be larger or smaller.


You can now submit your request if you are ready.


The data you just entered will then be asked for confirmation in a dialog box. Then click OK.


  1. Make a copy of the Payment Reference Number (PRN).


A Statement of Account (SOA) can also be printed for record-keeping purposes. On the main menu, click Payment Reference Number (PRN) – Contributions to get the PRN at a later time. Your PRNs are listed here.


  1. Pay your bill.

You can choose from any of these payment methods. Check your My.SSS account to see if the payment has been reflected after paying using the generated PRN.



Through the SSS Mobile App, you can change the amount of your SSS contribution online.

With the SSS mobile app, you can also change your contribution amount directly from your mobile device.


There is little difference in the process from the previous section, but you will interact with a user interface rather than a menu. When generating a Payment Reference Number (PRN), you can change your SSS contribution amount. The following steps will provide you with more information.


  1. Using your SSS Mobile login ID and password, open the app.


  1. At the bottom of the app dashboard, select Generate PRN.


  1. On the upper right corner of the app, click CREATE.


  1. Please indicate your new SSS contribution amount, membership type, and applicable period.


  1. Submit the form by clicking SUBMIT.


  1. You can close the dialogue box by clicking OK after you double check your entry.


  1. Copy the PRN from your Statement of Account (SOA) on which you will be paying your new contribution.