An Employer’s Quick Guide to Changing SSS Contributions


SSS contributions cannot be updated or changed by employees. Their employers should do  it on their behalf through the My.SSS employer portal.


Employers are responsible for deducting monthly SSS contributions from employees’ salaries and remitting them to SSS by using the Payment Reference Number (PRN)2. After the electronic Contribution Collection List or e-CCL has been confirmed by the employer, the PRN can be generated via the employer’s My.SSS account. In some cases, this list can be used as the Contribution Collection List (SSS Form R-3) for employees, which eliminates the need to submit hard copies of the form.


This guide will explain how employers can easily manage their employees’ SSS contributions through My.SSS.


  1. Sign in to your My.SSS employer account.


  1. On the main menu, select Payment Reference Number.


  1. Cancel then the existing Electronic Contribution Collection List (e-CCL), as long as you haven’t paid for it.


The Electronic Contribution Collection List contains a list of all of the employees, with their respective SSS contributions, and Payment Reference Number (PRN) you need to remit the contributions to Social Security.


It is no longer possible to edit employee contributions in an existing e-CCL, so you must generate a new one.


As long as you haven’t made any payment, you can cancel the existing e-CCL by clicking the corresponding Cancel button.


After that, a dialog box will appear warning you that the action cannot be undone, so make sure you haven’t made a payment already. Click OK if everything is OK.

SSS Employee Compensation

Please provide the reason for cancellation in the provided dialog box. The reason should contain at least 10 characters (e.g. “Update Salary” or “Edit Contribution”). To then proceed to the next step, then click Submit.


  1. Details of the collection list can be selected.


  1. You can edit the employee’s monthly compensation.


According to this article, both the employee and employer are responsible for an employee’s SSS contributions. Contributions will then be calculated based on the employee’s monthly salary. Consequently, updating the employee’s Monthly Compensation will automatically change his/her SSS contribution amount.


To edit the Monthly Compensation, look for the employee’s name and change the amount under the column Monthly Compensation. You can filter the search results by the employee’s last name and SSS number to save time.


In addition to updating the employee’s monthly compensation, you can also update their employment status. In the column STATUS, click the edit icon next to the current employment status and select from three options: Employed, No Earnings, or Terminated.


If the Monthly Compensation is set to No Earnings, no SSS contribution will be automatically remitted for that employee. If you select Terminated, the Monthly Compensation will likewise be set to zero once you provide the date of separation.


After you have made these changes, click Save Changes.


  1. To generate an Electronic Contribution Collection List, click Prepare Collection List.


  1. You can then print the updated e-CCL and proceed to payment using the PRN.