Benefits of Owning An Online SSS Account

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Transacting with the SSS is much easier and faster when you have an online account. Taking a leave just to spend a day in the SSS office is not necessary. Long queues are no longer necessary. No more endless dialing of the SSS hotline.


As long as you do have an internet connection and a computer or handheld device, you can easily transact with the SSS anywhere and anytime.

SSS members can access online services.

SSS members can use the new SSS online Member Portal to do the following:


Check SSS membership details (SSS number, date of coverage, coverage status, etc.)

Check your SSS contributions and employment history

Request records such as the Personal Record (Form E-1), Member Data Change Request (Form E-4), Self Information Record (RS-1), Nonworking Spouse Information Record (Form NW-1), and Overseas Workers Information Record (Form OW-1)

Those types of transactions cannot be handled online (UMID card application, update membership details, etc.) so make an appointment at an SSS branch.

Retirement benefits can be applied for

Benefits for unemployed applicants

Changing or resetting your password

Obtain Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs)

You can apply for a salary loan

Information and status of your loans

Calculate the retirement benefit

Notify your employer of your maternity (Only for self-employed, voluntary, OFW, and non-working spouse members. For employees, they must file it through their employers.)

Make sure your contact information is up-to-date

SSS contributions can be paid using Moneygment

Employers can access SSS online services.

If you have a My.SSS employer account, you can easily complete the following tasks online:

Verify your employees’ SSS membership records, contributions paid, loan repayments remitted, and sickness and maternity reimbursements made

Submit your employment report (Form R-1A), contribution-collection list (Form R-3), and loan collection list (Form ML-2).

Send maternity notifications to your employees

Approve the salary loan applications of your employees