Change Beneficiary in Social Security System or SSS

The Social Security System (SSS) does allow the members to add or remove beneficiaries from their dependent list.

When you eventually get married or become a new parent, you usually add your spouse and child as beneficiaries. Separation from your spouse or the death of a parent are common reasons to remove a name from your beneficiary list.

The following quick guide will help you change the beneficiaries on your SSS account no matter what the reason is:

You must submit Form E-4, Member Data Change Request, or both. At the end of the page, you’ll see a table where you can add or delete the names of the dependents/beneficiaries you wish to list. On the second page of the form, there is an additional table where you can add or delete more than three names.


If you are submitting a request, attach any necessary supporting documents. The marriage contract is necessary for adding your spouse as a beneficiary on your will. To delete a spouse who was previously reported as a dependent, you must submit a decree of legal separation (if legally separated), a death certificate (if the spouse passed away), or a certificate of nullity or an annotated marriage contract (if the marriage was annulled). Please see page 4 of the PDF version of the E-4 form for a complete list of supporting documents required from members who wish to update their dependents/beneficiaries.

Send the forms to the nearest Social Security office with the supporting documents. Bring two photo ID cards that display your photo and signature, such as your UMID/SSS ID.