Change membership Status From Being Employed to Voluntary/Self-Employed/Non-Working Spouse.

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  1. Changing Membership to Voluntary/OFW.

Online is the first option.

You do not have to go to any SSS branch to update your membership status to voluntary or OFW. Simply log into your online account through the My.SSS portal and choose “Voluntary” or “OFW” as your membership type when generating a PRN.


You will automatically become an OFW after paying the contribution.


The second option is to process it over the counter.

For members who wish to change their membership category to “Voluntary,” they may pay their contributions at any SSS branch office using the RS-5 (Contributions Payment Return). Select the option that indicates “Voluntary” or “Overseas Filipino Workers” under “Type of Payor”. We will update the membership status as soon as the payment has been posted.


  1. Changing the membership status to self-employed.

To change your member data, please complete two (2) copies of the Member Data Change Request Form (Form E-4).


Indicate your profession/business, the year it started, and your monthly earnings. Check the box next to “Change of Membership Type” and “Self-Employed.”


Please submit the completed form to the nearest SSS office.


  1. A change in membership status for spouses who do not work.

The procedure for updating the SSS membership type for a spouse who is not working is similar to that of a self-employed member.


Provide your spouse’s Social Security number and CRN number on the Form E-4. You will need your spouse to sign the SSS form to prove his/her agreement to your membership.