Change SSS Bank Account Info and Change SSS Temporary Membership to Permanent

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How to change your bank account information and update your membership status from “Temporary” to “Permanent”

Those who did not submit a birth certificate when applying for SSS receive temporary SSS numbers. Only contributions can be paid using these SSS numbers, but not benefits.

In this case, it’s recommended that you convert your temporary membership into a permanent one as soon as possible.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Find a Social Security office near you.

Forms for Member Data Change Request should be obtained in two copies.

You can check off “UPDATING MEMBER RECORD STATUS (From “Temporary” to “Permanent”),” next to the letter “H”. 

Your document name should go in the field provided. Your birth certificate is required for permanent membership changes. Then you will need to submit a Certificate of Non-Availability of Birth Records (from PSA or city/community hall) and any of the following: Baptismal Certificate (or equivalent), Driver’s License, Passport, PRC card, or Seaman’s Book. You may then also submit any two (2) of the alternative IDs shown on the last page of the Member Data Change Request form if none of the aforementioned documents are available.

Here’s how to update your SSS bank information.

The member data change request form or E-4 should be completed two (2) times. You can update your bank information by clicking on the letter “G” (see screenshot above). Place a checkmark next to the relevant transaction or transactions that you intend to perform with your new account.

Include the name, location, and account number of your bank.

Passbook, Single Savings or Current Account (must be a single account): Attach one (1). A machine-validated deposit slip showing the member’s name and bank account number; or A document as proof whch shows the member’s name and bank account number (e.g., a printout of an online banking transaction, a bank statement).

Your nearest branch of the Social Security Administration should receive the forms and attachment. When submitting your request, present both your SSS ID card and UMID card or any two photos and signatures from two valid ID cards.