How to Change Birthday and Name in SSS Records 

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The last thing you need is a problem with your personal data when it’s time to claim your SSS benefits.

It will not only delay the processing of your benefits, but it will also waste a lot of your time that you could have avoided had you made the necessary changes to your membership record in the first place.


However, it is never too late for you to update your personal information with the Social Security Administration. The SSS has made the process easy for members to change their civil status, correct their name, or update their beneficiaries list. In most cases, you can complete your E-4 online, or go to your nearest Social Security office to submit your completed form.


You will earn how to change, correct, or update your SSS membership information in this guide.


To view the list of options, click “E-SERVICES” on the main menu.To change or correct the name or birth date in your SSS record, follow these steps:


The Member Data Change Request form or the E-4 must be filled out in two (2) copies. Under “B”, you may proceed to either “Correction of Name” or “Correction of Date of Birth” according to your request. The data has been changed, corrected, or updated. Please check the appropriate boxes and provide the requested information.

As a supporting document, include a copy of your birth certificate and a photocopy of your passport. Provide any two valid identification cards/documents showing your correct name or date of birth along with a Certificate of Non-Availability of Birth Records from the PSA or local civil registrar if both documents are not available. The complete list of valid IDs or cards/documents can be found on page 2 of the SSS E-4 form. Also on the same page are the additional requirements you may need to submit if you’re requesting a correction due to naturalization, remarriage, etc.

The forms should be submitted to the nearest SSS branch office, along with the required documentation. When filing your request, be sure to bring your UMID card or two valid ID cards with your photo and signature.

Option 2: Online request (only for name correction).

As part of the newly revamped SSS member portal, members can now update their names quickly and easily. Here’s how to change your name online:

Select “MEMBER” from the list of portals on the official SSS website.

Log in using your user ID and password. Follow this guide if you can’t remember both or either of them.

You can display the list of options by clicking “E-SERVICES” on the main menu. Choose “Change Member Data (Simple Corrections).

Select “NAME” from the list provided.

Under the “To” column, fill in the appropriate field corresponding to the part of your name you wish to be changed. For example, if your last name is misspelled on your Social Security records, fill in the “To” field directly across your misspelled surname under the “From” column with your correct last name (see screenshot above).

Please upload the required supporting documents. The birth certificate can be scanned or pictured in clear detail. A full name must be clearly displayed in two supporting documents if you are applying without a passport. We will provide a list of accepted documents. A maximum file size of 2 MB is required.

Documents to Upload to SSS

When the document/s are uploaded, tick the box that says “This is to certify that all documents and information are true”. You can also then submit your application by clicking “Submit”.

Make a note of the transaction number that will appear on your screen. If you need to follow up on your request, you will present this.

You will receive an email from SSS informing you of the status of your request. You can only request one member data change at a time.