How to Change Your Civil Status in SSS

Despite not being required by the law, newly married women in the Philippines prefer to have their husbands’ surnames and even go through the pain of updating their membership records in all government agencies they’re registered with. They must as well change their civil or marital status to make this change.


A newly married male member must also change his legal status as well as update his beneficiary information.


If you want to update your membership record with your current civil status, follow these steps:


Option 1: Walk-ins are welcome.

Two (2) copies of E-4 or Member Data Change Request Form are required. When you have completed the first part of the form, proceed to the second part of first page and check box beside “Change of Civil Status” under “B.”. Change/Correction/Updating of data. Select the appropriate box below. Depending on your status, you can select Single to Married, Married to Legally Separated, Married to Widowed, or Reversion from Married to Single. You can also enter your maiden name and married name in the FROM and TO fields if you’re a female member. 


Attach any supporting documentation that will substantiate your request for a change in status. To change your civil status from single to married, you’ll need an original and certified copy of your marriage contract; from the married to legally separated, a certificate of separation; or from married to single, a certificate of annulment/annotated marriage contract/decree of divorce. See page 4 of the SSS E-4 form for a list of all supporting documents you need to bring when filing for a change in civil status.


SSS branch offices will accept forms and supporting documentation. The UMID/SSS ID card or at least two valid photo IDs with your signature will be required for identification/validation purposes.

Option 2: Make a request online.

You can now change your marital status on your SSS record without visiting the SSS office. Changing your civil status can be done online in the following ways:


Select “Member” on the official SSS website.

Log in using your user ID and password. If you have forgotten both or either of them, follow this guide to recover your account.


To view the list of options, click “E-SERVICES” on the main menu. Choose “Request for Member Data Change (Simple Correction).”


Make sure you do keep a copy of your transaction number.

You will receive an email from SSS informing you of the status of your request. Currently, you can only make one change to a member’s data at a time.