How to Change Your Contact Details in SSS


If you have recently changed any of your contact details (such as your mailing address, email address, phone number, or mobile number), you should notify the SSS of that change in order to avoid problems with future transactions.

You can update your contact information in SSS in three easy steps:

Using the My.SSS account. Your My.SSS account gives you access to the easiest and fastest way to update your contact information online. If you haven’t registered yet, here’s a guide to SSS online registration. Once your registration is complete, simply log into your My.SSS account, click MEMBER INFO on the main menu, check the box that corresponds to the information you want to update (see the screenshot above), click Next, review the information, and then click Submit.

You can access SSS Mobile through the application. The second option is similar to the first, but more convenient since you’ll update via your mobile device. Use your My.SSS login credentials to access the SSS mobile app after installing it. Update your information by clicking My Information. Choose Mobile Number, then click Submit.
You can buy it over the counter. Alternatively, you can bring two copies of the duly filled out E-4 or Member Data Change Request form to the nearest SSS branch office. Check the box/es under “Updating Contact Information” to ensure the most current and correct contact information is entered.