How to Correct Gender or Sex in Social Security System ( SSS )


It is usually the result of a simple mistake made during registration or a birth certificate that hasn’t been corrected yet. You can update your SSS membership record by changing your sex or gender as follows:

There is also the option of walking in.
Complete two (2) copies of the E-4 or the Member Data Change Request form. You will then need to check box under “B” that says “Correction of Sex.”. The data has been changed, corrected, or updated. The FROM and the TO fields should also be filled in with your incorrect gender and the correct gender.
A member’s copy of their Personal Record (SS Forms E-1, RS-1, OW-1, NW-1) which has been received by the SSS and shows the correct gender/sex is required as supporting documentation. It is also possible to bring the Court order granting the petition for gender correction if the gender error is due to an erroneous entry in the birth certificate, which has now been resolved.
Please submit the forms along with the supporting documents to the nearest branch office of the Social Security Administration. You must be sure to bring your UMID card or two valid identification cards showing your photo and signature.
Online request is option 2.
SSS now offers a quicker and more convenient way to correct your gender information. The new SSS member portal provides this type of change request mechanism:

Choose “MEMBER” from the list of portals on the official SSS website.

Log in using your user ID and password. You can then actually follow this guide to restore your account if you forgot both or one of them.
You can display the list of options by clicking “E-SERVICES” on the main menu. Choose “Change Member Data (Simple Corrections).
Select the type of member data you wish to modify, fill out the appropriate fields, and upload the required supporting documentation.
Your transaction number should be kept on file.
Your request will be tracked by SSS via email. It is important to note though that you can only submit one change request per member.