Using GCash to pay your SSS contribution

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Aside from the utility bills, you can also pay your SSS contributions through GCash, a technology that is essentially turns your mobile phone into a mobile wallet.

The first step is to create a GCash account and then load it with your desired amount, in this case the total contributions you want to remit to SSS.

Paying SSS Contributions

To pay your SSS contributions, choose either of the two options below to do so in just a few taps on your smartphone:


Using the Globe *143# menu, you can pay your SSS contribution.

There are a lot of users who complain about getting error messages when paying directly through GCash.

You may try calling *143# instead if you’re experiencing the same problem or if you’d like another easy way to make contributions.


Please follow the instructions below:


On your mobile phone, dial *143#

Click on the Send button after typing down the number associated with “GCash”

Click Send after typing the number for “Pay Bills”

The biller of your choice will be selected according to your preferences. Select “By Category”

If you are asked to enter a biller category, select “More”

Pick a number that corresponds to the “Government” biller category from the list. Please click the Send button

SSS will not appear in the list of billers, so select “More”

Hit Send after you enter the number associated with the “SSS – PRN”

Choose “PRN” for Account Type

Send your 14-digit PRN by entering it in the box and clicking Send

Amount to be entered

GCash will validate your PRN after you enter your MPIN, followed by 4 digits.

The payment will be confirmed by text message once it has been completed. For confirmation that your SSS contributions have been remitted, you can log in to your online account. Payments received after 8 PM, however, will be processed the following day

Questions and Answers on SSS Gcash Payment

  1. GCash did not find i-PRN in Masterfile when I tried to pay my contributions to SSS via GCash. Could you please tell me what to doYour PRN may be incomplete or misspelled due to a file mismatch.?

There may be a file mismatch, meaning the PRN you’ve provided is incomplete or you’ve mistyped it. If this event occurs on your account, make sure no amount has been deducted from your GCash account. Make sure you review your PRN again.


In the event you encounter the same exact error message again, or if GCash deducted the money even if your SSS payment did not go through, please call the GCash hotline at 2882 to get assistance.