Who is Eligible To Register for The SSS Portal?

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SSS offices are like EDSA during rush hours—waiting takes forever. Standing in long lines usually takes more than an hour, even if the actual transaction takes only a few minutes.


Use the My.SSS portal to actually transact with the SSS within minutes, unless you do have unlimited supply of patience.


My.SSS is what is it?

Through My.SSS, members can access their records and perform various transactions with the SSS.


The SSS released an updated version of My.SSS Beta Portal or SSS Member Portal in August 2018. The new portal offers nearly the same features as the old one, but it has a mobile-friendly interface, so users can access their accounts from smartphones and tablets.


Despite having a  brand new portal, the SSS still uses the old one. Previously, members had the option to use whichever they preferred. It is possible to sign in to both using the same username and password. 


To avoid confusion and streamline SSS online activities, the two SSS portals have been merged into one as of 2020. Here you can access the new and improved My.SSS.


As opposed to the old portal which supported only Internet Explorer 11, the new portal supports a variety of browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc.).


Is My.SSS open to everyone?

  1. Members of the SSS.

Members who do meet the following requirements can create an online SSS account: employees (including kasambahay), self-employed, voluntary, OFWs and non-working spouses.


SSS Contribution for at least one month

Number of SSS that is valid

‘Valid date of coverage’ (the month and year when SSS coverage actually started, i.e. when the employer reported  employee for coverage or when the member paid the first contribution as a self-employed/non-working spouse/OFW member)


  1. Employers in the business world.

A company or non-profit organization can get an SSS online employer account if they are registered with the SSS as an employer.


  1. Employers in households.

Employers who do hire at least one house helper may register online if they meet the following requirements:


Number of SSS that is valid

Reporting covered employment, self-employment, voluntary income, non-working spouses, or OFWs

Contribution for at least one month