How to Activate TNT Sim Card 5G | TNT Sim Activation Easy Guide in 2023

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Do you want to know how to activate TNT sim card 5G? Read our guide.

TNT offers prepaid SIM cards, and you might want to use this SIM for text messages, voice calls, and Internet access. The very first thing you should be doing is activate it so that you can take advantage of Smart’s nationwide LTE and 5G network.

The main purpose of this very article is to show you how to activate your TNT SIM card so you can start using the Internet immediately and chatting with friends.

Talk ‘N Text is a cellular service which is powered by Smart Communications known for its incredibly affordable prepaid rates. You can actually call and text anyone in the Philippines for only *10 a day. TNT’s mobile data promotions are also pretty affordable.

Promos such as GaanSurf allow you to browse websites, browse Facebook, and watch YouTube videos for as little as ₱5. That is why many Filipinos are switching to TNT to save money on texts, calls, and mobile data.

In light of the deployment of 5G in some areas of the country, it would make sense to obtain a TNT SIM that is 5G-ready to prepare for the future.

With 5G, you may experience speeds of up to 1Gbps if all goes according to plan. With TNT’s 5G SIM, you only need a 5G-capable device when 5G internet speed reaches your area.

5G SIM card for TNT
In addition to being compatible with 4G/LTE and 3G networks, your new TNT SIM will also support Smart’s nationwide LTE network. When you’re using a 3G TNT SIM, you can purchase an LTE Upgrade SIM to upgrade to 4G and keep your old number.

Turn on your mobile data
It is recommended to enable mobile data on your TNT SIM card in order to activate it. The first step is to insert the TNT SIM card into your handset’s SIM slot and turn on mobile data. Visit TNT’s website (type into the address bar) using your phone’s web browser.

SIM-activate TNT
An introductory or a welcome text message will be sent to welcome you to TNT. The TNT SIM has now been activated, so you can begin texting, making calls and using the Internet.

How to Activate TNT Sim Card 5G

Text UROWN to 4545 and choose FBREE for free 200MB of Facebook access (valid for 15 days).

Text ?15001 to 214
You can activate your TNT SIM by text as well. There are 15001 through 214. Welcome message will indicate that your TNT SIM has been successfully activated, you will receive a text message with information about the remaining load balance.

Enter *123#
The USSD code *123# can also be used to activate your TNT prepaid SIM card. This will take you to Balance/Services > Check Balance. We will show you your load balance in real time and send you a text message with the details of your balance. You will then receive a text message that says, “Welcome to TNT!”That means your TNT SIM has already been activated.

Do you need help?
There you have it, the different options for activating a TNT SIM card.

With your new TNT prepaid SIM, you will enjoy the most affordable and budget-friendly TNT promotions.

Remember to keep your new SIM loaded regularly to avoid losing your subscription and disconnection.

If you have any questions about TNT, please call *888 for free.

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