TNT 15 Pesos Promos

The Talk ‘N Text 15 pesos promo offers 2020: Talk ‘N Text (TNT) unli calls, texts, and mobile data/internet for 15 pesos.

Get unlimited calls, texts, and data with Talk ‘N Text – TNT 15 Pesos Promos 2020
If you are looking for Talk ‘N Text (TNT) that consists of unli call, text, and data promo for just 15 pesos, check out this list.

For 15 pesos, you can choose from TNT promos with call, text and/or mobile data inclusions valid for one day, two days or three days.

The list is divided into two categories: A) Call, Text & Data, and B) Mobile Data.

You can subscribe to a promo by reloading your Talk ‘N Text mobile number, then simply texting the promo code/keyword to the promo’s access number.

Now, check each each group below:


You can choose from unlimited texts and calls to Talk ‘N Text, Smart, and Sun or texts to all networks. Data for some mobile apps are included with the 15 pesos promo below.

UAT15, UTP15, AM15 and GU15 available

Below are the details of each Talk ‘N Text (TNT) call, text and data promotion:

TNT UAT15 includes:
You get unlimited TNT/Smart/Sun Cellular texts and 60 minutes of TNT/Smart/Sun Cellular calls
We include (per day): Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Clash of Clans, and Dubsmash 30MB of data allocation
The price is 15 pesos per three-day pass.
Registration is as simple as texting UAT15 to 4545.

The following items are included in TNT UTP15:
TNT/Smart/Sun Cellular Unli calls + TNT/Smart/Sun Cellular Unli texts + 50 texts across all networks
Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Clash of Clans, and Dubsmash (per day): 30MB
15 pesos for a 2-day pass.
· To register, text UTP15 to 3545.

This package includes the following items:
· 60 minutes of calls allocated to TNT, Smart, and Sun Cellular + unlimited texts to all networks
FB, Twitter, Viber, CoC, Dusbmash will each get 100MB data*
· Valid for one day; 15 pesos.
You may register by sending GU15 or AM15 to 4545.

Text EXTEND to 4545 before your promotional subscription expires to extend.


These are Talk ‘N Text (TNT) mobile internet promos for only 15 pesos.

Each Talk ‘N Text or TNT promo has data allocation for mobile internet access.

Other mobile data promos have or includes data for specific mobile apps like YouTube, Mobile Legends or Facebook app.

GAANSURF 15 Promos are available

Below is more information:

TNT GAAN SURF 15 includes:
· 100MB for YouTube, Mobile Legends, and Facebook app + 100MB for open mobile data
· Valid for two days; 15 pesos.
Please send a text message to 4545 with the text GAANSURF15.


Ensure you receive a text message from Talk ‘N Text stating your registration to your chosen promo has been successful before you make a call, text, or turn on your data connection.

You may try your luck to join your chosen Talk ‘N Text (TNT) promo if it is available in your area or for subscribers only.

To make a call, simply dial the 11-digit TNT, Smart or Sun Cellular number.

What are your questions? TNTph team can be contacted on their Facebook or Twitter page, or by calling *888 (Right from a TNT SIM card).