TNT Promo 50 | Giga Surf 50 TNT Promo – Easy Guide in 2022

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Want to learn how about TNT promo 50? Read more about Giga Surf 50 TNT Promo below.

For Talk N’ Text subscribers TNT GIGASURF50 is a mobile network service that provides users with unlimited texts as well as mobile data. As a subsidiary network, TNT GIGASURF 50 has adapted SMART GIGASURF so subscribers will enjoy similar value-added promos from Smart Communications. 

The TNT GIGA50 is an inexpensive promo that can be registered with a load of 50 pesos. The affordable promo has a validity of 3 days where you get a consumable internet data of 1 GB that you can use browsing through the internet as well as enjoying the social platforms.

In addition, you can also have additional 300MB for watching videos. Included to the TNT mobile service subscription is the additional unlimited texts to all networks.

Here are the steps on about TNT Promo 50.

What’s Included with TNT Promo 50

Promo CodePromo DetailsHow to RegisterValid ForPrice
+ 300MB Youtube, iWanTv, iFlix, Cignal, and NBA
Unlimited Texts to All Networks
SEND GIGA50 TO 45453 days50

How to Register Giga SURF 50 TNT Promo

With a load of 50 pesos load balance and a 1 peso maintaining balance you can register by texting GIGA50 to 4545, and you can dial *123# and select GIGA>VIDEO. Make sure that you have the 1 peso maintaining balance to keep on using the promo before the expiration date.

Make sure you get a notification confirming your registration before texting or using your data to prevent unnecessary charges. 

How to Share and Pass TNT GigaSURF Data to Another TNT Subscriber

Another great thing about GIGASURF 50 is that you can pass your data to another TNT Subscriber, this feature is useful when you have a family member or friend who promptly needs load. 

  1. To register just text GIGA50 to 4545
  2. Then text PASADATA<SPACE>11 DIGIT TNT Number (Talk N’Text number you want to share your load) <SPACE><amount in MB>MB and send it to 808

Eg. PASADATA 09153456789 100MB and send it to 808

  1. Your number and the number where you shared your load will get a notification from TNT confirming your registration. 

TALK ‘N TEXT has continued to provide its subscribers with the best services and value-added promos. TNT and officially called Talk ‘N Text, also formally known as Piltel, Mobiline, Phone Pal is a subsidiary of Smart Communications in the Philippines. 

You can always check TNT promos by texting the USSD Code *121# on your cellphone free of charge. 

There may be instances where you are unable to register to a TNT promo 50. There are several reasons why this occurs. One is that the Talk ‘N Text is not available to your area. Another is that it is due to system maintenance or that the promo is no longer available. Always check Talk ‘N Text homepage to make sure you are updated on the latest promos. 

Mobile Data Saving Tips When Using TNT Giga SURF 50

  1. Stop and disable auto-updates from Google Play Store. You can do this by opening the Google Play Store App and then tap the navigation drawer then look for the settings menu. Tap the auto-update apps, and you’ll see three options: 1. OVER ANY NETWORK, 2. OVER WI-FI ONLY, 3. DON’T AUTO-UPDATE APPS . Then choose DON’T AUTO-UPDATE APPS. 

NOTE: You’ll need a manual update on all your mobile applications, you can turn it on again if you find that this is not convenient for you. 

  1. Turn off the auto-sync features on your phone. An example is when you have automated updating of file transfer to your dropbox. 
  2. Know which applications have low usage of data. Good examples are Facebook and Messenger. 
  3. Turn off your data if not in use. 

You can download Datally by Google to monitor your data usage. You should turn on the ON DATA SAVER on your phone that will set a minimum of 330 MB that will automatically turn off the data. 

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