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With the growing population nowadays, not everyone has the luxury of being in the same place as their friends and family. We tend to move from our home town for a lot of different reasons. Some move for their career; others do start a family. But it doesn’t mean we want to lose touch with our old friends.

We want to be updated with their life and be able to talk to them. With Touch Mobile (TM), getting in touch with your loved ones just got easier and cheaper. You don’t have to spend ₱ 1.00 per text or ₱ 7.50 per minute of call. That would be so expensive.

With their call and text promo offers, you are always connected with your friends and family without having to spend too much.

Touch Mobile (TM) is one of the most affordable mobile networks in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, so you never worry about their services. Now all you have to do is choose the promo that is right for your needs

Touch Mobile’s promo changes from time to time to keep with the current demand. There are promos that were removed, and there were some that were added. Sometimes, it is quite a time consuming to familiarize all the active promos being offered.

To help you keep updated with them, we compiled a list of call and text promos for the year 2020. Check it out and see what suits you best.

Complete List of TM Unli Call and Text Promos

Promo CodePromo DetailsHow to RegisterValidityPrice
SULITXT525 texts to TM/GlobeText SULITXT5 to 80801 dayP5
TXT10Unli text to TM/GlobeText TXT10 to 80802 daysP10
UA10Unli text to all networksText UA10 to 80801 dayP10
CA1050 allnet texts + unlicalls and texts to Globe/TMText CA10 to 80801 dayP10
U15Unli call to TM/GlobeText U15 to 80801 dayP15
TXT5Unli text to TM/GlobeText TXT5 to 80801 dayP5
DAGDAGTXT5Additional 100 All Net textsText DAGDAGTXT to 80801 dayP5
C15120-minute calls to TM/Globe + unlimited all-net textsText C15 to 80802 daysP15
C20120-minute calls to TM/Globe + unlimited all-net textsText C20 to 80803 daysP20
CA20Unli calls and texts TM/Globe + 50 texts to all networksText CA20 to 80803 daysP20
ASTIGTXT305 days unlimited text to TM/GlobeText ASTIGTXT30 to 80805 daysP30

Affordable right? TM’s promos are almost free. You can also subscribe to the promos above by dialing *143#. You will be directed to a menu prompt, and you can choose from there.

Registering to any promo either by text or *143# is free, so you don’t have to worry about extra charges. You can even load your Mobile directly with a promo. You just have to be familiar with the promo name.

Touch Mobile (TM) Extend Promos

TM also offers an affordable rate if you want your promo to be extended. For only ₱ 5.00 per day, you can extend your promo for up to 365 days or one year. For an additional of ₱ 150.00, you can enjoy a whole year of your desired promo. That is a big saving on your part.

Just make sure to extend your promo before it expires.

Be careful when using your promo, especially to calls, as it can easily rack up charges when you accidentally call outside of the allowed networks or used up more than the free minutes for your registered promo. Even text messages that are not included can easily accumulate.

To know the status of your promo and extension, you can text 8080 with the KEYWORD of your promo, followed by the word BAL.

Example – U15 BAL and send it to 8080.

Touch Mobile (TM) Secret Promo

Touch Mobile (TM) goes beyond just giving you some savings on your load. They also have secret promos that are based on your recent usage history and subscription. These promos are a variety of calls, texts and mobile data offers that are discounted. You can maximize your load to its full potential with these. To access the Secret Promos of Touch Mobile (TM), simply dial *143# on your phone. Select the keyword SECRET and press send.

A list of discounted offers exclusively for you will be shown on the screen. Descriptions are provided, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong promo. Once you have decided, simply choose your desired promo and select SUBSCRIBE.

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